Dez Bryant says he has no bad blood with Ravens; wants negative talk to stop

The Baltimore Ravens signed Dez Bryant to a one-year contract in the middle of the 2020 season after he sat out of football for two years. Bryant suffered a serious achilles injury in 2018 and worked hard to recover from it, and he felt like Baltimore was the right opportunity to get back to playing football again.

After working his way back into game shape, Bryant was used sparingly by the Ravens. In six games, he put up six receptions for 47 yards and two touchdowns, averaging 7.8 yards per catch. After catching his first touchdown in over three years against the Jacksonville Jaguars, Bryant dedicated the game ball he received to his daughter for inspiring his comeback.

During a recent exchange with a fan who commented on how many times he was targeted in the red zone by Baltimore, Bryant made it clear that he had no bad blood with the Ravens, and wants people to stop blowing things out of proportion.

Despite his overall low usage, it seemed like Bryant sincerely enjoyed his time with Baltimore, creating bonds with his teammates and embracing the Ravens way. Although he has put out some clips of him dominating in practice on social media as well as hinting that the Baltimore offense has issues that aren’t Lamar Jackson, Bryant has said he’s thankful for the opportunity that the Ravens gave him.

Bryant is currently still a 2021 free agent, but he has said that he knows that Baltimore wasn’t the right fit for him. He also made it known that he believes that the Ravens are a first class organization, so it’s hard to believe he harbors any resentment towards the team. Bryant’s stay in Baltimore didn’t go how many expected, but from his comments it’s safe to say he enjoyed his time with the organization and doesn’t want any other false narrative spread.