Will DeVonta Smith be a #1 wide receiver at the NFL level?

Yahoo Fantasy's Liz Loza and Yahoo Sports NFL draft analyst Eric Edholm take a look at the Crimson Tide wide receiver and offer their NFL comparisons for the Heisman Trophy winner.

Video Transcript



LIZ LOZA: Your comp is interesting. Hit me with it.

ERIC EDHOLM: I went with Emmanuel Sanders, another sort of slim build guy. There was always talk that Sanders was actually below 180 pounds at one point. But he's a little shorter.

LIZ LOZA: But plays tough.

ERIC EDHOLM: But plays tough. And that's my point. He's got the speed to take the top off-- not now. But, I mean, in his prime. The version we saw you know four, five, six years ago obviously was a big playmaker as well.

I felt like he had a pretty well rounded game, and I think that's about the level of player he'll be. That's why I gave him a little bit of a relatively tepid break. I didn't go bonkers and put him up next to Chase.

The more I thought about it, the more I think he's an ideal complementary receiver. He could be a number 1. Emmanuel Sanders has had some really good years in this league, but I just couldn't quite get on board with giving him a little higher grade. But yours style-wise makes perfect sense.

LIZ LOZA: I mean, maybe I'm being biased because of the Crimson Tide connection, but I went with Calvin Ridley. But this was also a player that I think stylistically they're same. He's obviously a little bit thicker than Smith is but someone who when they came out was thought to be they're a slot player. This is what they do.

You're going to need to have Julio Jones outside presence to get the most out of them pulling away this tougher coverage that you're talking about. And we saw certainly last year with Julio Jones in and out of the lineup dealing with the soft tissue issues that Calvin Ridley can be a wide receiver 1. And I think in the right system in the right scheme I have that ceiling as well for Smith.