How the Detroit Lions fared in the NFLPA team report cards

It’s one thing to experience the Detroit Lions as a fan or media member. Playing for the team is a completely different level. Learning how the players really feel about their experience with various facets of the team is often an interesting revelation.

The NFLPA did just that. Players were polled about different aspects of the experience of being on a team, from travel to the training staff and the actual locker room.

From the NFLPA and president JC Tretter,

1,300 of our players provided information to share with one another about their current club, to not only help them make important career decisions, but also help raise standards across the league.

In the polling released by the NFLPA, the Detroit Lions fared well in some areas but rated poorly in others.

The Lions fared best in team travel accommodations, treatment of families and the weight room. Detroit ranked poorly in the training room, training staff and food service/nutrition.

From the more detailed notes in the report card,

The Detroit Lions were ranked 15th overall in the team guide. Most categories reviewed came back with generally positive reviews.

The two issues that were highlighted as areas for improvement were first, a feeling that the training room was understaffed, and second, that the food service was significantly lacking.

88% of respondents to our survey believe that the club ownership is willing to invest money to upgrade their facilities, ranking 21st in the league.

The data was compiled between March and April of 2022.


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Story originally appeared on Lions Wire