Detroit Lions 2023 NFL schedule: 4 biggest matchups

One of the biggest days of the NFL offseason is when we reach the day when all 32 teams release their schedules. It’s a day that reminds us that football is on the horizon, but we all know that we’ve got to get through the summer months before we indulge in football on a weekly basis.

According to the NFL, the Lions opponent’s win percentage is at .495, and their strength of schedule is ranked 19th in the NFL. That has already generated plenty of buzz surrounding the Lions’ chances of winning the division and making a serious push in the playoffs.


Quick takeaways from the Detroit Lions schedule in 2023

Obviously, we’ll see what happens. For now, let’s take a look at the four biggest matchups on the Detroit Lions schedule for 2023!

Week 2 vs. Seattle Seahawks - September 17th, 1 pm ET

We all know that every game matters in the NFL but let’s be honest, the home opener is always important. The reason this one is so important is that the Lions will be coming home after starting the season on the road against the Kansas City Chiefs. Whether they win or lose to the Chiefs, it’ll be important to get a win in this spot.

The Lions will get 10 days to prepare for the Seahawks. That, alone, should give them an advantage over any team that kicks off their home opener. This could also be viewed as a redemption game for the Lions.

Last season, the Lions lost to the Seahawks in Week 4, and then the Seahawks beat the Rams at the end of the year to knock Detroit out of the playoffs. Add in the fact that Ford Field will be absolutely rocking for the first home game of the season. It lines up to be an eventful second game of the season.

Week 4 @ Green Bay Packers - September 28th, 8:15 p.m.

While I almost went with the Thanksgiving matchup against the Packers, I’ll go with the early season tilt between the two teams. Last season, the Lions played spoiler on the road against the Packers and it’ll be pivotal this time around too.

Not only is this a divisional game, but it’s also important for the Lions to try and win as many road games as possible. Their road schedule is less than ideal, especially before their Week 9 bye. The Lions will have to find ways to beat the Chiefs, Packers, Buccaneers and Ravens on the road before the bye week.

We’ll obviously see what happens in Week 1, but going to Lambeau and beating the Packers after back-to-back home games could make all the difference.

Week 10 @ Los Angeles Chargers - November 12th, 4:05 p.m.

You could make a debate that the Monday night game against the Raiders is just as important but I’m picking this game for a variety of reasons. For starters, it’s the first game the Lions play after the bye week. They should be well rested and it was at this point last season that the Lions really started to get strong contributions from their rookies. The same could happen for this year’s draft class.

Meanwhile, it’s another tough road game where the Lions will have to find a way to squeak out a win. It won’t be easy against an offense that is led by quarterback Justin Herbert, but the Lions should definitely have a chance. If all goes right, the Lions offense should be clicking at this point in the season and we should see them grind their way to a win.

Week 15 vs. Denver Broncos TBD

Remember last year when the Lions played the Panthers and everyone viewed it as a trap game? That’s exactly what this game could be. Obviously, the Denver Broncos could be better than last year — if Russell Wilson plays much better. I’d assume that’s the case with Sean Payton as his coach, but we’ll see how that goes.

That said, this game is just as important as any other game because it’s before the final three-game stretch that could be brutal for Detroit. The Lions play the Cowboys and the Vikings twice to end the season. Two of those three games are on the road, too. So getting a win in this spot will be crucial for the Lions potential division title and playoff push.

Story originally appeared on Lions Wire