Detroit City FC plans new soccer stadium in Corktown

<div>The DCFC women's team plays at Keyworth in 2021. (Photo: Amber Ainsworth)</div>
The DCFC women's team plays at Keyworth in 2021. (Photo: Amber Ainsworth)

DETROIT (FOX 2) - Detroit City Football Club plans to build a soccer-specific field in Corktown, the team announced Thursday.

The goal is to open the new stadium at the site of the long-abandoned Southwest Detroit Hospital at Michigan Avenue and 20th Street by the 2027 season. The hospital closed in 1991, and the building has been abandoned for 18 years.

<div>The location of the future stadium (Photo: DCFC)</div>
The location of the future stadium (Photo: DCFC)

"This is a huge step for our organization to build a modern venue to serve our club and community. As longtime residents of the city, with a few of us even living within walking distance of the site, the leaders and founders of the Club view this project not only as an opportunity to grow our organization and sport, but as a civic endeavor to give back to the city we love," said Sean Mann, the CEO of DCFC.

When the team was first founded, DCFC played at Detroit's Cass Tech High School before moving to Hamtramck's Keyworth Stadium. Over the past few years, DCFC has continued to grow and expand by moving leagues and adding a women's team.

"A DCFC home match is a can’t-miss stop for any true sports fan in the US, but our players, staff, and supporters deserve a stadium with modern amenities that retains the best elements of Keyworth while also putting the club on firmer financial footing," said Alex Wright, Co-Owner and Chief Creative Officer of Detroit City FC.  "The city and the people of Hamtramck were there when we needed them. Investments by our club and supporters give proof of our gratitude, and we are excited to set forth on the challenge to make our forever home just as iconic."

More details are expected later. Team leadership says it plans to consult with city officials, residents, and fans during the process.

"We look forward to starting a process to connect with our supporters, city residents, and community leaders, among others, to craft a community-focused, grassroots professional soccer stadium that serves the City of Detroit," Mann said.

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