Detergent commercial features jockstrap-sniffing; Internet recoils

Yahoo Entertainment

A new Gain detergent commercial, titled “The Sweet Smell of Defeat,” features the Martinez brothers plotting a cruel prank on their unsuspecting father, who’s sleeping peacefully on the couch. The boys use a stick to pull their dad’s laundry from his gym bag — but not just any likely stinky item. They chose their father’s cotton jockstrap.

And yep, you guessed it! They slapped that sucker right on their dad’s face!

The mean plot backfires on the boys, however, when they realize their dad loves the smell — he takes a huge whiff! Perplexed, the older brother investigates the laundry himself. He sticks that strap right up to his nose, only to discover the “sweet smell of defeat.”

As you can imagine, the Internet was aghast at the ... unique commercial.

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