A despondent Rockets fan from 1994 stars in the weirdest NBA commercial of all time (VIDEO)

We are living in more caring, more sensitive times. Bemoan political correctness as much as you care to, but shifting values and a better grasp of what makes mental illness and day-to-day depression and anxiety such a significant factor in the daily lives of millions or even potentially billions spread out across the world's population.

As such, for myriad reasons, you're not likely to see a commercial along these lines air as a promotional tool for an NBA team this season:

That's a Houston Rockets advertisement from 1994, and to be fair to the original auteurs the Rockets (coming off of an NBA championship in 1993-94, about to defend it with another title in 1994-95), were a pretty big deal back then. Maybe not, "tie an anvil to your ankle while listening to the results of a midday contest while perched on the ledge of a tall building"-big deal, but a powerhouse with a rabid fanbase never the less.

And, in further defense, the juxtaposition between what the Rockets fan is doing versus what he appears to be doing in the first five seconds of the video is a bit of a relief. Even if he is revealed to have an anvil tied to his ankle while, you'll remember, also standing on the ledge of a tall building.

Your move, NBA teams. Let's try to out-weird this one, while keeping in place that 2012-styled sensitivity.

(We're not sure where we grabbed this from, but we're guessing it was at ClutchFans.net. Cheers.)