Despite shutout loss and rookie QB on bench, Case Keenum still Redskins' starter

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If you wanted a reason to watch the Washington Redskins, it won’t happen this week.

The one card the Redskins have left to play is making rookie first-round pick Dwayne Haskins their starting quarterback, but they’re holding that card for at least one more week.

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Despite a brutal 9-0 loss in the rain to the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday, Case Keenum will remain Washington’s starter according to interim coach Bill Callahan. He told reporters after the loss that he’d stick with Keenum.

“We still have a lot of faith in Case and his ability,” Callahan said, via NBC Sports Washington.

That won’t be good news to the remaining Redskins fans.

Case Keenum remains Washington’s starter

Washington is off to a horrible start and there isn’t a lot of reason to get excited for the rest of the season. At least Washington beat Miami (barely) and won’t be going 0-16.

Haskins offers some hope for the future, but his development has been slow going. There have been stories that he isn’t ready to play yet, which makes sense because he started only one season at Ohio State. He wasn’t a pro-ready prospect.

Callahan praised Haskins for his work in practice last week, however, and has acknowledged that Haskins will start at some point this season. That time isn’t now, however.

When will Dwayne Haskins start?

Washington doesn’t want to force Haskins into the lineup before he’s ready. The team isn’t good enough to support a struggling rookie quarterback. The offensive line, without holdout Trent Williams, isn’t good. The receiving talent isn’t there and the running game isn’t great either.

These are thin times for the Redskins.

It isn’t all Keenum’s fault that Washington is 1-6. He hasn’t been terrible, though he hasn’t been great either. Nobody is holding onto any belief that Keenum is the quarterback of the future. That’s Haskins, or at least the Redskins hope he is.

But the time to start him isn’t now, Callahan said, and another week will go by without any reason to watch the Redskins.

Dwayne Haskins hasn't started yet for Washington this season. (Getty Images)
Dwayne Haskins hasn't started yet for Washington this season. (Getty Images)

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