Despite noise, Zach LaVine unlikely to leave Chicago

Jake Fischer: I also don’t think Zach LaVine is really going to leave Chicago. Even people around him have been saying all along, like, ‘yeah, so the door is open, but like, we don’t think he’s going to leave’.
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Josh Martin @LonzoWire
LaVine should have several suitors to pry him away from Chicago this summer.…10:00 AM

David Morrow @_DavidMorrow
I sometimes wonder how brands land on choice of celebrity actor. Like what made MTN DEW go, “Yep, Charlie Day is our guy to accompany Zach LaVine in this one?” – 10:03 PM

Josh Martin @LonzoWire
LaVine should have several suitors to pry him away from Chicago this summer.…3:57 PM

Darnell Mayberry @DarnellMayberry
Will Zach LaVine stay with Bulls or will he go elsewhere?
via @TheAthletic…9:04 AM

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Marc Stein: How gettable Zach LaVine is remains a matter of debate, although I will say around the league, I do get the sense from teams that do think he’s in play. -via / June 8, 2022

I’ve said for probably a year now that it’s no guarantee LaVine returns to the Bulls. The buzz leading up to his impending unrestricted free agency hasn’t done anything to alter my view. Nor will the seemingly long list of logical reasons, some you’ve included, LaVine has to re-sign. -via The Athletic / June 8, 2022

League sources say the Blazers are exploring trades for veterans who can help Damian Lillard lead the team back to the postseason. Bradley Beal and Zach LaVine are potential targets, according to sources. Lillard befriended Beal through their experience with Team USA, and the Wizards star has a player option for next season. So he could make his way to Portland either as a free agent or via trade. -via The Ringer / June 6, 2022