Desirae Spearman fights through injury, producing at a high level for NMSU softball

Desirae Spearman fights through injury, producing at a high level for NMSU softball

EL PASO, TEXAS (KTSM) – Desirae Spearman is a name that’s taken New Mexico State softball by storm.

As a true freshman the dual threat player has collected conference honors as well as national attention following her performance as an Aggie.

The Hanks High School graduate headed to Las Cruces in fall of 2023 with a lot on her plate. From moving to the 915 to the 575, to adapting to the new life style of a full time student athlete, to preparing to take on a demanding role within the Aggies program.

“I talked to her about the challenges of being a two way player,” said head coach Kathy Roldolph. “You know, in the fall you only have 20 hours of practice. And so I want her in the bullpen. Coach Heifner wants her out of the cages. So we have to split time. But she is been able to manage both and excel at both.”

Being a two-way player was something the product out of El Paso wasn’t initially scouted for during her high school career.

Having the chance to dominate both in the circle and at the plate was a selling point for Spearman to head to NMSU and play under Roldolph.

“I had to work so hard to become the two way player that I am and just for her [Roldolph] to have the trust in me to do that at the collegiate level meant a lot because of course, like when you’re younger, you always dream of that stuff happening,” Spearman said. “But being from El Paso and just looking up to certain people, you never really saw that. So it just happening to me I’m in awe right now. I’m really proud of myself and my family because it shows all the hard work that we put in together. It’s finally paying off.”

In the 2023 season, Spearman is 8-3 in the circle and at the plate is has knocked out a total of 16 homeruns while collecting 38 RBIs.

The true freshman is performing at a high level, all while battling a lingering injury.

“She came in all fall and she was great,” said Roldolph. “She was in the weight room doing really well and all of a sudden she got a lump on her leg, and it was the start of a stress fracture on her right leg. It’s because she can create so much torque that she can turn her foot all the way over. She throws close to 70 mph at an elite level. But that was the start of a stress fracture.”

Recovery included being in a boot at all time with the exception of practice as well as frequent physical therapy visits.

Missing time on the field led to Spearman gathering a new and positive outlook not only when it came to the game – but life as a whole.

“Sitting out the first two weeks was probably one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do,” Spearman Said. “So just like seeing the field from that angle and seeing everyone’s mindset, it took me seeing that side of the field in a different way to come back and be how I am now. I just have an attack mindset always. I’m always looking at the brighter side of things, not dwell and instead learn, grow and move on.”

Spearman and company with hit the field again this Friday for their last regular season series of the year to take on Middle Tennessee.

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