DeShawn Stevenson is the world's biggest Jason Terry fan

Last Wednesday, Corey Brewer(notes) broke Jason Terry's(notes) face. While he might be feeling it, the Mavericks aren't — they won their next two games to extent their winning streak to 10 games. But at least one Maverick misses the shooting guard.

Though he's been a Maverick for less than a month, DeShawn Stevenson(notes) has been showing love for the injured Terry in a couple of different touching tributes. U-N-I-T-Y, that's a unity.

First, as you can see above, Stevenson has taken to wearing Terry's number 31 wristbands on his leg. It's pretty nice of him, considering when Terry returns, Stevenson will go further down the Mavericks' bench. At least his leg will be dry.

He's also taken to co-opting Terry's famous celebration. When he hit a three in a recent game, Stevenson ran back on defense like he was a jet. Or a "Jet." Let's just hope this doesn't mean the "I can't feel my face" has been retired.

While Stevenson's Terry fandom hasn't yet reached "Single White Female" levels of obsession, we'll know to be worried if he starts sleeping in his uniform and wearing five pairs of socks.

And we'll sound the alarm if he wears a matching protective mask when Terry returns.

(h/t: Dallas Basketball)

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