Deshaun Watson trade rumors: NFL Insider Jay Glazer on whether the Eagles are in the mix to acquire Texans star QB

The Eagles and Deshaun Watson were in the news again on Thursday, when Chris Simms appeared on Pro Football Talk and said this about potential trade interest.

From everything I know, the owner has given them the green light as far as Howie Roseman and company to make that deal if it’s right. So, yes, you have to worry a little — and here’s just one other inkling. Another inkling told me they’re not sold on Jalen Hurts.

Simms isn’t your typical league insider and could be working on the narrative that the Eagles do their due diligence on every big-time passer that’s available. It’s no secret that owner Jeffrey Lurie would prefer to push the ball downfield and the Eagles have been linked to Watson and other quarterbacks for months now.

On Thursday night, Fox Sports NFL Insider, Jay Glazer tweeted out that Philadelphia is not currently in the mix to acquire Watson, but we all know things could change.

Watson would have to waive his no-trade clause for any agreement to take place and it’s been previously reported that Miami is a preferred destination.


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