Deshaun Watson deletes Texans from social media as frustration with team continues to rise

Deshaun Watson isn’t referring to himself as a member of the Houston Texans anymore. Watson reportedly removed “Texans” from his social media pages as he continues to feud with the team.

Watson’s Twitter and Instagram pages used to make reference to the Texans, according to Aaron Wilson of the Houston Chronicle. On Instagram, Watson is now listed as an “athlete.” Watson also allegedly changed his picture, which was a “Texans photo.”

Watson didn’t completely erase the Texans from his Instagram account. Scroll down and you’ll see pictures of Watson wearing Texans apparel. The fact that Watson altered his main photo and took out the team affiliation in his bios, however, suggests he’s still angry with the Texans.

Deshaun Watson reportedly asked Texans for trade

Watson is at odds with the Texans for multiple reasons. His frustration with the team reportedly grew after it traded DeAndre Hopkins to the Arizona Cardinals last offseason. The Texans struggled in 2020, going 4-12. As a result, the team fired general manager and head coach Bill O’Brien. Watson expected to be involved in the search for a new general manager and coach, but wasn’t consulted by the team. He reportedly asked for a trade weeks ago, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

New general manager Nick Caserio said Friday he had no interest in trading Watson. Head coach David Culley echoed those words, saying he joined the Texans because he knew Watson would be on the team.

While both men expressed optimism Watson would return, Watson’s actions say differently. Watson’s social media changes are yet another sign his relationship with the Texans is likely irreparable.

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