Deshaun Watson addresses misconduct allegations as more women file lawsuits

Content warning: This post contains depictions of alleged sexual misconduct.

Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson has not spoken to the media much since he was accused of sexual misconduct by multiple women in March of 2021. Watson spent the 2021 season on the Houston Texans, but did not play in any games and was not available to speak with local media often.

Since then, Watson was traded to the Browns, and multiple women filed lawsuits against him. Twenty-four women have filed suit against Watson and a few more are expected in the coming days, according to an attorney who is representing the accusers.

Watson addressed those lawsuits and the allegations while speaking with media Tuesday. Watson was asked about comments he made during his introductory news conference with the team. During that news conference, Watson said he had "no regrets" over his actions during massages, claiming the allegations against him were false.

Watson again claimed he was innocent Tuesday while addressing the "no regrets" comment.

Watson claimed he "never assaulted, disrespected or harassed anyone." He said he has regrets on how the allegations affected "the community and people outside of just myself. And that includes my family."

Watson was also asked about a New York Times report that revealed Watson allegedly met with 66 different massage therapists over 17 months. Watson at first said he didn't think that was accurate before saying the reporter would have to ask Watson's legal team about the issue.

Deshaun Watson with the Browns.
Deshaun Watson spoke to Browns reporters Tuesday. (Photo by Nick Cammett/Getty Images)

Deshaun Watson faces varying charges of alleged sexual misconduct

Watson is accused of various acts of alleged sexual misconduct during massage sessions while he was with the Texans. Watson is accused of exposing his penis, ejaculating on some of the women, forcing some of the women to put their mouths on his penis and deliberately moving his penis into at least one of the massage therapist's hands, among other alleged acts.

Two grand juries declined to indict Watson on criminal charges, paving the way for his trade to the Browns. Cleveland gave Watson a new contract that guarantees him a record $230 million. The team also structured Watson's contract in a way that prevents him from losing significant money if he's suspended in 2022.