How is Derrickson looking?

Ron Bailey, Publisher
Hoya Report

Georgetown's men's hoop team is largely on campus, preparing for the upcoming academic and athletic season. Head coach Pat Ewing and his staff, with currently one exception, is interacting with this year's crop of Hoya Destroyas.

Part of that process is open run basketball; pick up hoops where players go against teammates and others, operationalizing the hours of development workouts. Players get better in the off season, and informal games can greatly help the process.

How has Marcus Derrickson looked? A key cog in Ewing's inaugural season, the 6'7", junior forward is slotted to stand as his team's most dangerous shooting threat, while also battling in the lane for points and rebounds.

Premium Court has a report of how Derrickson has stacked up during the open run sessions and conditioning workouts.

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