Derrick White offers practical Valentine’s Day advice for romantic Celtics fans

For some folks, Valentine’s Day can be rather stressful. How do you show that special someone just how much you care? Is it best to avoid the cliche, or are the classics considered timeless for a reason? Thankfully for all you hopeful romantics out there, Boston Celtics guard Derrick White has simple, yet effective advice.

After Boston’s thunderous 136-86 victory over the Brooklyn Nets, White was asked if he could offer any wisdom to folks celebrating Valentine’s Day. He leaned on wisdom he learned from his previous head coach Gregg Popovich, suggesting that focusing in too much the day itself isn’t the way to go about things.

“Pop used to always say that you shouldn’t just do something on Valentine’s Day,” White joked. “Which, I think makes sense.”

White admitted that since becoming a father, Valentine’s Day has changed a little for him and his wife Hannah. Still, he suggested keeping things simple was the best path forward.

“Just be a good guy,” White said. “Buy some flowers.”

Giving the right gift can be difficult. But according to White, the right romantic gesture is what matters, perhaps more than the gift itself. He made that clear by doubling down on his own advice.

“I’m not a flowers guy personally, so don’t ask my wife. But people like flowers, so buy them.” White said.

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Story originally appeared on Celtics Wire