Derrick Rose stood up 'The Good Wife' at the cameo altar

If you're anything like me, you frantically tore open your paid-in-full, lifetime-subscription copy of Wednesday morning's New York Post to Page Six, like always, breathlessly seeking the latest, greatest, fajita-pan-sizzlingest Gotham gossip. Just like you, I'm sure, a li'l Pagina Seis, a nice/tall/nonfat/half-caf/Silk only/aquaseafoamshame/mocha click-clack-blaow, and a few minutes to squeal in peace just starts my day off right.

But before I could slake my unabating thirst for piping hot dish like a lady having a baby and Dylan McDermott reading, my eyes spied an item informing me that Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose(notes) "sparked fury on the set of CBS's 'The Good Wife' yesterday" by failing to appear for the filming of a cameo appearance as himself on an episode of the popular television program.

Reading this gave me pause, because making a contractual agreement to appear on a TV show and then sparking fury on that show's set by not showing up A) sounds totally unlike Derrick Rose and B) is saucy Alan Cumming's job, right?

Feed me in the Post:

The Bulls point guard refused to come out of his house in Chicago when the crew sent a car to pick him up on Tuesday morning, sources tell us.

Rose — who helped the Bulls to victory over the Portland Trail Blazers at Chicago's United Center on Monday night — also refused to give the show's producers an explanation for his no-show, even though they had him booked on a flight to New York, the source added.


"But when the car arrived at his house in Chicago Tuesday morning, he didn't answer the door," our source related. "The driver waited but he didn't appear. Finally, an unidentified man came out and said: 'Derrick is not going to New York.'"

A Bulls rep referred questions to Rose's agent, who didn't return calls, and "Good Wife" reps declined comment, which means this story remains additional-detail-free.

Given the information we have now, it seems like most grown-ups would probably say, "Hey, Derrick, if you sign a contract to do something, you should do it and not have unidentified men say the nay-no on your behalf." Also, apparently, way more grown-ups than I would have ever imagined watch "The Good Wife" (although Robert Seidman at TV by the Numbers sees the show as on the bubble of returning for another season).

But you want to know what really grinds my gears? Tell 'em, Posty:

"This was very frustrating for the show's cast and crew because the production had been set, the script had been written, and actors including Josh Charles were on standby for him."

That upsets me an awful lot. Nobody stands up Dan Rydell and gets away with it lives to tell the tale stays on my "Favorite Athletes" list, because I guess getting formlessly upset at you is the best only vengeance avenue available to me in this case. Consider yourself kicked off of Team Devo, Derrick. I hope you're happy.

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