Derek Jeter denies long-running rumor he gave gift baskets to women: 'Never happened'

For all of the insight "The Captain" provides into Derek Jeter, the first five episodes dive little into Jeter's dating history that resulted in one of the more incredulous ESPN graphics ever. 

But they did discuss the gift baskets. 

During one of the several sections that deal with Jeter's handling of fame in New York City, New York Post Page Six editor Emily Smith appears. She said a source she trusted in that era described receiving gift baskets and memorabilia after leaving his residence. Smith said she saw photos of the goods but decided not to publish them.

“It’s difficult because Derek wouldn’t comment on it and of course the team wouldn’t comment,” she said.

Jeter denies such a practice in the documentary. As a player, he said he didn’t understand why they’d ask him and not teammates such as Bernie Williams or Paul O’Neill.

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Jeter works out before a spring training game in 2014.
Jeter works out before a spring training game in 2014.

Jeter remembers his reaction to reading the first article was: “How the (expletive) do people come up with this?”

Not long after, Jeter recounted, a man behind him in line in Starbucks said he began extending the gesture. Jeter said he turned around and told the guy “You’re a (expletive) idiot.”

“Did he think I was going to say, ‘Yeah, good job man?’” Jeter said.

Smith described the gift-basket saga as a peek into an otherwise private celebrity. She also maintained that it never insinuated Jeter was being romantic with these women, which Jeter said she should clarify.

For Jeter, the entire thing became “larger than life.”

"People keep regurgitating this story that has never happened," he said. "Never happened.”

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This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: Derek Jeter denies rumor he gave gift baskets to women