Derek Holland lays into Giants front office over 'fake injury' and demotion to bullpen

Starting pitcher Derek Holland is not happy with the San Francisco Giants front office.

Actually, it’s relief pitcher Derek Holland now. And that’s part of why he’s upset with the decision-makers for his team.

The root of this drama is Holland’s last start, which came on Thursday. He allowed seven runs in just 2 2/3 innings against the Colorado Rockies, which brought his season ERA to a less-than-great 6.75. After the Giants’ Saturday night loss to the Cincinnati Reds, in which Holland did not pitch, the team announced they would be moving him to the bullpen.

Holland was not happy about that at all, which he told reporters after the game.

“Not happy” seems like a bit of an understatement. First he ripped the front office for continuing to change things (presumably he means his move to the bullpen), and then he talked about a “fake injury.” Those words specifically should set off alarm bells, because faking an injury is 100% against the rules.

The injury he’s talking about is presumably the one that put him on the injured list at the end of April. He sustained a bone bruise on his left index finger during spring training, and it had been bothering him ever since. He went on the IL on April 28 and was activated May 8.

Derek Holland is not happy over his demotion to the bullpen. (AP Photo/David Zalubowski)
Derek Holland is not happy over his demotion to the bullpen. (AP)

Farhan Zaidi, president of baseball operations for the Giants, clarified the entire issue with the San Francisco Chronicle. He said that they ordered an MRI of the bone bruise and while Holland felt he could continue pitching, the staff felt Holland could benefit from some time off to let it heal.

“His use of the word ‘fake’ probably comes from him feeling he could continue to pitch with it. Players and the staff and front office people sometimes have differences of opinion when they should or shouldn’t play.”

Fake injury claim aside, it’s understandable that Holland is upset. A starting pitcher wants to keep starting, and the Giants are telling him that he’s not good enough to do that anymore. But in truth, he may not be, at least for now. When he’s healthy and productive, he’s a decent back-end starter. But that’s not who he’s been this season. He’s made seven starts this season, and the Giants have lost all but one. Holland may be upset about it, but perhaps a stint in the bullpen will help him get back on track.

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