Derek Carr reportedly doing homework on ‘prospective’ teams, including the Commanders

Every offseason since Ron Rivera arrived as head coach of the Washington Commanders, there have been trade rumors surrounding a veteran quarterback.

Two years ago, it was Matthew Stafford. Washington put a serious offer on the table for Stafford, but the Los Angeles Rams offered more. Ultimately, Stafford wanted to play for the Rans and Sean McVay.

Last offseason, there was interest in Russell Wilson, Jimmy Garoppolo, and others before the Commanders settled on Carson Wentz.

That didn’t end well, and Washington will likely release Wentz soon with two non-guaranteed years remaining on his contract. Fortunately for Washington, it didn’t land Wilson.

Could the Commanders be involved with another veteran quarterback this offseason?

Since it was announced the Raiders preferred to trade Derek Carr, the Commanders immediately were named as a serious potential suitor. That was unconfirmed, of course.

Carr has a no-trade clause, which means he has control over his next destination. Carr could make it difficult for the Raiders and force them to cut him. However, the expectation is there will be a trade.

Jeremy Fowler of ESPN reports that Carr is preparing for his next team.

“Derek Carr, he will be traded; that is the expectation,” Fowler said. “I’m told that he’s started to do his homework on prospective teams. He has a no-trade clause, so he’s got a lot of power here. The teams I talk to expect a variation of the Saints, the Commanders, and the Jets to all inquire. I’m told some teams have already made some early initial calls to the Raiders but still in the process of coming out of the season. There’s not a lot of traction yet. Expect this to heat up closer to the Super Bowl.”

The Commanders reportedly expressed interest in Carr last offseason, but he wasn’t available. Washington will inquire, but how serious is that interest?

Washington fans are skeptical of Rivera trading assets for another veteran quarterback. If Carr were to be released, that’s probably a different situation.

At least we should know more about Carr’s future in the coming weeks.

Story originally appeared on Commanders Wire