Dennis Rodman sends up North Korea visits, Kim Jong Un friendship in pistachio commercial (Video)

Ball Don't Lie

"Dennis Rodman does it because he's nuts," the voiceover tells us ... but while that's (obviously) believable, it seems much less likely to be true than, "Dennis Rodman does it because he's paid to do it." Hence the gambling-site-sponsored Vatican happenings and purported diplomacy debriefs, a pair of peace-pushing missions that neatly bookended the promotion of a new line of vodka, and this short spot, which pokes fun at North Korea's nuclear capabilities and human rights violations in the interest of selling snacks.

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Rodman now joins such other distinguished pistachio endorsers as the Prancercise Lady, the Honey Badger and Keyboard Cat. I'm sure they will also be calling out President Barack Obama for his unwillingness to address them seriously on matters of international diplomacy in no time flat.

Also, in the casting of this commercial, at some point someone had to say, "We need a Kim Jong Un type," and someone else had to say, "I'm a Kim Jong Un type," which we're sure made at least a couple of people feel really positive about a lot of different things. Just real life-affirming stuff all the way around, everyone.

Hat-tip to For the Win.

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