Dennis Johnson’s secret defensive technique revealed by former teammate Dee Brown

While he might not have been the most famous member of the Boston Celtics during their era of dominance in the mid-1980s, point guard Dennis Johnson and his defense in particular were a key part of Banners 16 and 17.

In a recent episode from “Showtime with Michael Cooper,” former Boston standout Dee Brown shocks Coop when he reveals DJ’s defensive secret: How did he get so many steals late in games? The 1991 dunk contest winner explains and leaves Cooper completely speechless in the process. Known for his career and understanding of the sport, Brown delves into his journey, unfolding tales from his experiences on and off the court.

Join the hosts on “Showtime with Michael Cooper” as they embark on this journey with Dee Brown.

To hear the story of how Johnson locked up his opponents so consistently on the defensive end of the court, check out the clip embedded above.

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Story originally appeared on Celtics Wire