Dennis Allen: It's time for offensive growing pains to be over

The Saints have had an extended break since their last game and much of it has been spent trying to push their offense in a better direction.

Last Thursday's loss to the Jaguars saw players pointing fingers about what was going wrong on the field, but the message this week has been about the work that they have done to get everyone on the same page. Head coach Dennis Allen said "the specifics of what we have to do kind of remain in house," but that any growing pains need to be over as the team heads into Week Eight.

"I think it's time for those to be done with," Allen said, via the team's website.

Quarterback Derek Carr will be central to any attempt to move past growing pains to consistent success and he said he feels good about how the unit has used the time off to work out the difficulties that they've been experiencing in recent weeks.

"What's your problem? What's my problem? What's our problem? How do we fix it? And be men about it," Carr said. "I think the ultimate thing that I took away was I felt this unity in the last four or five days. This unity, this come-togetherness. We put it out there, we said what we needed to say and everyone felt good leaving the conversation. Every conversation was like, 'That feels right. That feels right. Now, hold me to that. I'm going to hold you to that.' I think it was super positive, I was super encouraged by it. We're doing it together, and that's what I love."

All the words sound good, but they won't matter much if the performance doesn't improve against the Colts this weekend.