Dennis Allen had ‘positive conversation’ with Marshon Lattimore

It’s beginning to look like the New Orleans Saints won’t be trading Marshon Lattimore. Saints head coach Dennis Allen was asked about Lattimore’s status during media availability at the Saints Hall of Fame golf tournament on Monday, and he says he’s spoken recently with one of the team’s best players amid trade speculation.

“I had a conversation with him probably two or three weeks ago, I thought it was a positive conversation. And so, yeah, we’re moving forward,” Allen told reporters.

Lattimore’s contract was tweaked earlier this offseason to open a window for the Saints to trade him, if they got a trade offer worth accepting. That hasn’t happened yet, and odds are they won’t get to a point where it does. The situation hasn’t grown toxic like other team-player feuds have in the past.

Of course we aren’t out of the woods yet. If a team is willing to meet the Saints’ asking-price, they could still cut a deal. And the window to trade him doesn’t really open up until June 2, with a deadline on Sept. 1 for either the Saints or Lattimore’s new team to restructure his option bonus into a standard signing bonus. So don’t expect speculation to quiet down any time soon despite the Saints and Lattimore both working to focus on the upcoming season.

Story originally appeared on Saints Wire