Dennis Allen doesn’t understand the Saints-Falcons rivalry, but Raheem Morris does

It’s really unfortunate that Dennis Allen still doesn’t understand the New Orleans Saints’ rivalry with the Atlanta Falcons, but his new opponent Raheem Morris sure does. Atlanta’s new head coach offered a very different perspective from Allen on his team’s relationship with its oldest rival.

“I have hated the Saints for a long time,” Morris told The Athletic’s Josh Kendall at NFL owners meetings on Tuesday. “Started back with Sean Payton. I was hanging out at the pool the other day with Dennis Allen. I hate him just as much.”

Allen, of course, embarrassed Saints fans by apologizing for his players going rogue to run up to the score on the Falcons in the final game of their 2023 season. The man he apologized to, former Atlanta coach Arthur Smith, was dismissed from his post just hours later. And Allen’s own players have voiced their disapproval of his actions — Cameron Jordan said the only thing they should have said sorry for was not scoring even more points.

Still, Morris acknowledged that it’s all in good fun. These rivalries add passion to the game and drive competition. Even if it’s a real visceral, bone-deep hatred, it’s important for those involved to express some passion.

“It’s a fun rivalry though. It’s really fun,” Morris grinned. “I really don’t hate those guys.” Even if he’s just playing the part, at least Morris is acknowledging it’s a role he’s supposed to play. Allen hasn’t yet grasped that concept.

Story originally appeared on Saints Wire