Demi Lovato Reveals Doctors Told Her She Had ‘5 to 10 More Minutes’ to Live After Her Past Overdose

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Opening up. Demi Lovato suffered strokes and a heart attack after her overdose in 2018, she revealed in a new trailer for her upcoming four-part docuseries, titled Demi Lovato: Dancing With the Devil.

The “Confident” singer, 28, was found unconscious in her Los Angeles home after a near-fatal overdose in July 2018. While the Grammy-nominated singer has revealed few details about her struggles with drug and alcohol addiction in the years since, she is finally ready to speak up in a documentary for YouTube. In a trailer released on Wednesday, February 17, for Dancing With the Devil—which is set to premiere on March 23, 2021—Demi shared some surprising details about her overdose.

“I had three strokes,” Demi revealed in the documentary’s trailer. “I had a heart attack. My doctors...

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