Texans get defensive cog with Will Anderson

Matthew Berry, Jay Croucher and Connor Rogers break down the Houston Texans' trade up to No. 3 overall for Alabama EDGE Will Anderson, highlighting his immediate fit in DeMeco Ryan's defense and more.

Video Transcript

- On the set of "Fantasy Football Happy Hour." And the Cardinals finally found somebody to trade with. It was the team that picked before him. The Houston Texans make a trade. They pick again at pick number three. The last time this happened, the same team picked back to back, was in 2000 when my Washington team picked LaVar Arrington and Curtis-- Chris Samuel, not Curtis Samuel, Chris Samuel, back to back. The last time it happened. Cardinals get Will Anderson, first defensive player off the board, Connor Rogers. What's Arizona getting? They gave up a lot to get him. So what are they getting?

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- A violent edge rusher with a ton of production in the SEC over the years. A team leader. DeMeco Ryans now has his cog on defense to help that pass rush, help that front four get home. I mean, this is the first time now, by the way, two Alabama players have ever gone in the top three. So you have Alabama controlling this draft, the Houston Texans controlling this draft, as well.

They got their guy under center now. It feels like everybody wins. The GM got his quarterback. The head coach got his defensive stalwart in Will Anderson, explosive against the run. I love how violent his hands are as a pass rusher, as well. The Texans are saying, you know what? We're not gonna keep just drafting a million players the next three years. We want two stars.

- Yeah, Connor, the Texans gave up 12, 33, a 2024 1, a 2024 3 for 3 and 105. That seems an insane amount.

- A wild, wild amount of draft assets back.


- I mean, that 33 is basically a first round pick.

- Yeah.

- It's a late first rounder, but still. I mean, like, so in essence, two first rounds, a first rounder next year, and you know, and then what? A second in 2024?

- A third.

- A third.

- But still, Lee, that's for a quarterback that you do that generally.

- That's a massive haul for the--

- It's a quarterback trade.

- That's a massive haul for the Arizona Cardinals, who, listen, their front office has been criticized as quite a lot. You know, but--

- Amazing trade for the Cardinals.

- --but a great trade for the Cardinals. And honestly, to your point, Houston gets the quarterback they wanted. And they get the defensive player they needed for Ryan's defense.

- Absolutely. I thought he was the best defensive player, the best player in this draft in Will Anderson. There is no underselling that. The Texans finally putting their foot on the gas.