DeMarcus Ware on LeBron James' potential career as a TE: 'No way in hell LeBron would have blocked me'

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A day after LeBron James revealed he was quite interested in giving football a shot back in 2011, one of the greats of James’ favorite team, the Dallas Cowboys, had something to say about how it worked out.

When asked if James could have blocked him off the edge as a tight end, former Cowboys Pro Bowler DeMarcus Ware told NFL Network he didn’t like the NBA great’s chances. However, he did say James could have been a very good tight end.

“No way in hell LeBron would have blocked me,” Ware said. “But I think that he would have made a really, really good tight end, especially because of his athleticism. He would have been crushing man, getting a lot of touchdowns.”

So basically, James could supposedly have been a great tight end, just not great enough at blocking to stop a man with 139.5 career sacks. Understandable, as it’s not like blocking future Hall of Fame pass-rushers 1-on-1 if often expected of NFL tight ends.

The LeBron James football hype continues

James’ fanfare as a football player is well-documented by now. A star football player in high school, James received significant interest from college football programs, but obviously chose to go with the sport in which he was the most hyped prospect of a generation.

Still, some haven’t been able to resist the idea of the 6-foot-9, 250-pound athletic freak in a league full of athletic freaks stepping onto a football field.

LeBron as a football player. Terrifying, but probably not as terrifying as LeBron as a basketball player. (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images)
LeBron as a football player. Terrifying, but probably not as terrifying as LeBron as a basketball player. (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images)

It’s not hard to envision James becoming an unguardable nightmare in the red zone as a receiving tight end in the vein of former basketball players Antonio Gates and Jimmy Graham. One NBA coach even speculated that James could have been the NFL’s all-time best players.

James breathed new life into that idea on Tuesday when he remembered briefly training for football during the 2011 NBA lockout.

There was even reported interest from James’ Cowboys to the point that James has a framed contract offer from owner Jerry Jones. Ware remembered those days.

“A couple of times, I’ve seen LeBron in a Dallas Cowboys jersey and I remember during that 2011 lockout, I understand LeBron was training, because I was in that lockout,” Ware said. “He was training to play for the Dallas Cowboys and Jerry Jones offered him a contract. I was like ‘That’ll be great for him when we can play all together.’ So, obviously, that’s still going on, so that’s pretty cool.”

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