DeMarcus Cousins unfollowed Pelicans on Instagram because 'I'm grown'

New Orleans Pelicans v Charlotte Hornets
DeMarcus Cousins unfollowed the New Orleans Pelicans on Instagram. When asked why, he replied, “cause I’m grown.” (Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)

DeMarcus Cousins’ future with the New Orleans Pelicans is up in the air.

Cousins is recovering from a torn Achilles tendon, though he was instrumental in getting the Pelicans into the playoffs for the first time since the 2014-15 season. Many consider him one of the top centers in the NBA, and he’s due for a big payday this offseason when he hits unrestricted free agency.

But if the Pelicans want to keep Boogie, they’ll have to get creative with their funds — as they’ve already got $96 million committed for next season, and signing Cousins in July would send them over the cap.

If you follow the Pelicans’ big man on Instagram, though, you may already know what he’s planning to do.

Cousins unfollowed the Pelicans on Instagram, and was asked why he had unfollowed his own team in the comments under his latest post on the app.

Cousins later replied to the user, saying only, “cause I’m grown.”

Boogie IG Unfollow 1
(Instagram/DeMarcus Cousins via NBC Sports)
Boogie IG Unfollow 2
(Instagram/DeMarcus Cousins via NBC Sports)

Comments after he replied were nuts, with people begging him to stay, speculating where he’s going to go or even prematurely welcoming him to their favorite team.

Now, this could mean absolutely nothing. Or, it could mean everything — and could be a sure sign that Cousins is done playing basketball in New Orleans.

The only thing we know for sure, though, is this: Free agency starts on July 1. To get a true understanding of what jersey Cousins will be wearing next season, we’ll have to wait until then.

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