DeMar DeRozan says ‘a lot of sorry motherf**kers’ in NBA

DeMar DeRozan says NBA has ‘a lot of sorry motherf**kers’ originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

Is high schooler Bronny James better than current NBA players?

According to Chicago Bulls star DeMar DeRozan, maybe.

It started when DeRozan was asked about LeBron James' tweet saying his son Bronny was better than some players he is seeing on NBA League Pass.

"We do have a lot of sorry mother f**kers in the league," DeRozan told Podcast P with Paul George.

George chimed in with "no cap."

It's not necessarily an outright agreement to the question, but DeRozan is saying the bottom tier of NBA players isn't as great as they might be perceived to be.

"Being in the league so long, you realize how many mother f**kers don't love the game of basketball," DeRozan said. "Who take it for granted. Who feel so entitled.

"Who just want everything that come with it but don't want to put the work in. It's so frustrating. You know what I mean?

"We play in an era where you have to earn everything. You got so many guys coming in and thinking they just just be playing because they homeboy told them they nice. It's like bro, you're not good.

"So I definitely got Bron's standpoint of that because you'd be surprised."

George also broke down the numbers on it, noting that there are roughly 450 players in the league and 75 to 100, and before he could finish his sentence DeRozan chimed in with "stinks."

"Good dudes though," George said with a co-sign from DeRozan.

Bronny James has committed to USC, DeRozan's alma mater.

DeRozan's offseason workouts are legendary for how difficult they are and he plans to put some of his teammates through the regiment this summer in Los Angeles.

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