Demand surges for Buccaneers season tickets

Michael David Smith
ProFootball Talk on NBC Sports

As news broke that Tom Brady is planning to sign with the Buccaneers tomorrow, demand for season tickets in Tampa Bay surged.

The Ticketmaster website where Bucs tickets are sold is currently giving users a message saying, “You are now in line. Due to demand, you may experience an extended wait time.” The website says more than 1,000 people are currently trying to buy season tickets.

The Buccaneers have often struggled to fill their stadium, but that’s likely to change this year. With Brady, one of the best and most popular players in NFL history, tickets should be easy to sell.

And that’s surely one of the motivations for signing him. Although the primary reason is on the field, it doesn’t hurt that the Glazer family is likely to make a lot of money from having Brady in town. There aren’t many players who can cause a surge in season ticket sales, but Brady can.

Demand surges for Buccaneers season tickets originally appeared on Pro Football Talk

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