'DeJuan Bear' woke up and the results were terrifying

We told you.

While having a little fun stoking a meme that sprung from a slip of Dick Stockton's tongue, we told you that after a quiet start to his playoff career with the San Antonio Spurs (6 points and 11 rebounds in 33 minutes during his first three games), DeJuan Blair(notes) (a.k.a. "DeJuan Bear") could cause real problems for the Dallas Mavericks if he woke up and got moving. Well, as J. J. Barea and Jason Kidd(notes) can attest, he got moving in the Spurs' 92-89 Game 4 win on Sunday night in San Antonio.

With Tim Duncan(notes) struggling through one of the worst postseason performances of his illustrious career, Blair teamed with frontcourt mate Antonio McDyess(notes) to pick up the Big Fundamental's slack. The University of Pittsburgh product notched 7 points and 7 rebounds, including half of the Spurs' 10 offensive boards on the night, to go with an assist, a steal and a block in just 12 minutes of run, treating the Mavs' front line like it was so much Hasheem Thabeet. (I guess bears just feel more comfortable in their own habitats than on the road.) It'll be interesting to see if Blair can maintain the momentum when the series shifts back to Dallas for Game 5 on Tuesday tonight.

Hide the salmon.

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