Deion Sanders, with big gray beard, says he loves Falcons new uniforms with one problem (well, two)

Well, we found someone who likes the Atlanta Falcons new uniforms. And it’s the man who is perhaps the most famous Atlanta Falcon of them all.

Deion Sanders said he loves the new look. The Hall of Fame cornerback, who started his career with the Falcons, was happy with the team’s uniform reveal that happened on Wednesday.Sanders is not in the majority. Mostly the Falcons were panned, though that has to be taken into proper context because every new logo, uniform and mascot that isn’t a callback to a previous era gets shredded on social media.

And even Sanders had two issues with the uniforms. Well, really one issue had nothing to do with the uniforms themselves.

Deion Sanders likes the Falcons’ new look

First, Sanders is growing out his gray beard during the quarantine. And it’s hypnotizing.

(NFL Network screen shot)
(NFL Network screen shot)

If you grew up in the 1990s, you feel a little older now.

Anyway, Lovie Sanders gave the Falcons’ uniforms a positive review but with a valid criticism.

“I absolutely love ‘em,” Sanders said on NFL Network. “Although I wish they would have incorporated red pants. I need red pants.”

There actually are some red pants, but only in one of the combinations. Maybe some of the others would look better with the red pans.

Of course the best looking set is the throwback on the far right. And that look probably gets extra nostalgia points due to ...

Atlanta Falcons defensive back Deion Sanders covers Miami Dolphins wide receiver Mark Duper during a game at the Orange Bowl, Oct. 11, 1992. (AP Photo)

Which brings us to Deion’s second complaint.

Deion wants No. 21 retired

Deion doesn’t have a big problem with 98 of the 99 jerseys the Falcons have. He just wants to see the No. 21 taken out of circulation.

“Only thing I don’t like about the Falcons uniforms is I really do think they need to take No. 21 and put it up in the rafters and leave it alone,” Sanders said. “Leave it alone! LEAVE IT ALONE!”

Retiring Sanders’ number is not the craziest idea. Sanders didn’t spend his whole career with the Falcons but he is one of the most iconic players in the team’s history. When you think of the Falcons, you probably think of Mike Vick, Matt Ryan and Julio Jones, or Deion. And you probably think of Deion in that jersey pictured above.

Everyone would have loved if the Falcons went back to the black early 1990s look. But at least one former Falcons star loves the new look anyway.

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