Deion Sanders on who should and shouldn't draft Shedeur and Travis Hunter

Yahoo Sports' Kevin Chestnut sits down with Colorado head coach Deion Sanders to discuss his recent comments on certain NFL teams being undesirable landing spots for Shedeur Sanders and Travis Hunter. He also delves into just how much he plans to use the upcoming transfer portal window. Coach Prime joins Yahoo on behalf of Boost Mobile.

Video Transcript

KEVIN CHESTNUT: Hey, it's Kevin Chestnut here with Yahoo Sports. And we've got a legend-- no, an icon on the line today, Coach Prime Deion Sanders on behalf of Boost Mobile.

You made some news talking about Shedeur and Travis Hunter's draft stocks. What's the ideal situation for both of them?

DEION SANDERS: I played 14 years in the league, and I think I was on television another 20. So that's the majority of my life dedicated to this game and this league.

I think I know some people. I think I know franchises and organizations, as well as owners, GMs, and head coaches that are really committed to win. And I know the ones that aren't.

You never know how it's going to fall. You don't know what order they're going to fall in. So I'm just letting them know, I know what time it is, man.

And this is-- you're talking about a child that has a lifelong dream of going to the NFL. And then, you know franchises that are not suitable, that has really not enhanced that dream for some young men, but has really not taken care of that dream for some young men.

And next thing you know, two to three years, they're out of the game, all because of location. And that's not fair to a young man. Not at all.

KEVIN CHESTNUT: I know you've got some great talent in the portal. A second portal day's coming up in a few weeks.


KEVIN CHESTNUT: Are you are you dipping your toes back in the portal?

DEION SANDERS: Oh, yeah. I only have eight. I only have eight toes, but I plan on dipping.

We know what we want. We know what we need. We know what we deserve, and we're going to go after it strongly. We always do. I love the portal. I love young men who want a second chance, who desire a second chance, who want to relocate and resume the passion for the purpose that they desire to be dominant in football. And I love giving them those opportunities.

KEVIN CHESTNUT: Coach, let me know what you've got going on with Boost Mobile.

DEION SANDERS: Well, first of all, is beautiful darn phone. And it's a flip phone. Don't sleep on it.

KEVIN CHESTNUT: I ain't sleep. I'm awake, baby.

DEION SANDERS: It's wonderful. Boost has been investing-- investing and building out the most advanced wireless network for the past few years. And I'm thankful, man. I'm happy. I'm elated that I get this.

KEVIN CHESTNUT: Coach, back in 2004, Boost had an excellent campaign. They had Kanye West, The Game, and Ludacris. They collabed, and they did a song. Where are you at, the whole city behind us? I need you to get on the phone and make some calls. You need to get one of those for yourself. We need a theme song just for Coach Prime Boost phone.

DEION SANDERS: We may do that. That's a nice thought. That's a wonderful thought. I like that.