Deion Sanders responds to incident of prospective UCLA recruits accused of stealing from Colorado locker room

A group of potential recruits for UCLA were accused of stealing jewelry and cash from the Colorado locker room during the Buffaloes’ game against the Bruins at the Rose Bowl Stadium on Oct. 28, according to a variety of reports.

The names of suspects, from Beaumont High School in Riverside County, were not released. The suspects are minors, Pasadena police said to USA TODAY, and the case was handed to the juvenile division of the district attorney’s office, according to the outlet.

No arrests had been made as of Monday, according to USA TODAY.

UCLA said the students were not there on an official visit. Beaumont Unified School District is cooperating with the investigation.

Colorado head coach Deion Sanders called for the Rose Bowl to reimburse players for the missing items, but he also said on Tuesday that he doesn’t want the students accused of theft to “lose opportunities to change their lives.”

“Let’s not crucify and punish these high school kids,” he said. “They are kids. They made a stupid, dumb, idiotic mistake. When I was 17, 18, so did I. All right? So did you.” See his full statement in Bleacher Report.

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Some of the items have been returned to the victims since the theft, Pasadena police said to USA TODAY.

UCLA won the game 28-16.

Story originally appeared on High School Sports