“You can definitely connect the dots”: Jets RB Breece Hall on Aaron Rodgers rumors

Let the ‘Aaron Rodgers in a Jets uniform photoshop’ contest begin. 

The Jets made a splash, hiring former Packers offensive coordinator Nathanial Hackett as their OC this week and it naturally led everyone to ‘connecting the dots’ to believe it’s a move to lure Aaron Rodgers to Florham Park. 

One current Jet star has taken notice of the rumors. 

“You can definitely connect the dots and start to make your assumptions, but in this league you never know,” said standout rookie Jets RB Breece Hall to Sports Seriously’s Mackenzie Salmon. “I’m just excited to see what our GM does and what moves he makes, and I feel like these past few years he’s done a great job of getting the right people in this building.” 

Hall is part of arguably one of the greatest Jets draft classes ever and the franchise’s arrow is pointing up for the first time in a long time, making it an attractive destination for any veteran QB this offseason.

While Hall hasn’t connected with Hackett yet, he was noticeably excited about the hiring. 

“I get back to the facility on Saturday for rehab, so I’ll probably have to chop it up with [Hackett] when I’m back at the facility,” said Hall. “As long as the offense is running back friendly, I’ll be fine. So as long as they’re giving me the ball,I feel like we’re gonna have a good chance. So I’m excited to see what he does for our team.”

Hall admitted he talked about Rodgers when he connected with his former Iowa State teammate Allen Lazard after their game against Green Bay this past season. 

“He says Aaron Rodgers is a real chill and down to earth guy. [He] sounds like a real cool guy to be around,” said Hall. 

When asked where he thought the Green Bay QB would land this offseason, Hall stopped short of a prediction but admitted every team can’t not think about going after him. 

“I’m confident with our guys now,” said Hall. “[But] I feel like Aaron Rodgers, any team could take Aaron Rodgers and he’ll get you to the Promised Land. So I think any team will take him.”

Story originally appeared on Jets Wire