Deepak Agarwal Discusses the Importance of Split Testing

ATLANTA, GA / ACCESSWIRE / September 1, 2020 / What is the secret to low customer acquisition costs, high returns on ad spend, and a positive yield curve? "Rigorous split testing," says Deepak "Dee" Agarwal, founder and c-suite executive of several large online retailers.

In his 15+ years as a business leader and entrepreneur, Deepak Agarwal has learned what it takes to grow a business from the ground up. One method that has proved itself to be an effective strategy in optimizing the digital elements of business time and time again is split testing.

So what exactly is a split test? Split testing is a user experience research method that allows businesses to test two variants against each other, also commonly referred to as A/B testing. Split tests help identify the most optimal version of essentially any website or ad feature, from landing pages and copy to website font size and button placements. Tests are typically designed to improve upon certain metrics, such as clicks, conversions, or lead form submissions and can be conducted internally by your marketing department or with an agency partner.

"It is important to split test every element of your ad and every element of your website: from the color and location to the UI interface," says Dee Agarwal. "There have been countless times where I thought that version A would outperform version B, but after split testing my theory, I found the opposite to be true. Had I gone with my gut rather than testing, my business could have suffered and money would have been wasted."

To implement split testing, Deepak proposes that businesses identify an element that you would like to test and implement the two versions against one another to glean consumer insights.

"It is proper to test only one element at a time to get the cleanest data," explained Deepak Agarwal. "Observe how your audience interacts with each version to understand which was preferred by your target consumer and led to better results. Finally, employ these learnings to improve your future advertisements or website design."

Despite its proven track record of providing useful insights, a common pitfall among young entrepreneurs is still going with their ‘gut feeling' or intuition instead of extracting valuable insights from the data. However, Dee Agarwal cautions, "Data is king. Always trust the data."

Customers want a seamless and simple user journey-- whether that experience involves completing a purchase, submitting a lead form, or clicking on a specific webpage. The fewer obstacles a customer encounters while attempting to complete an action, the more likely it is that the customer will actually complete the action. Split testing works to reduce the number of obstacles or inconveniences and optimize digital elements to encourage users to complete the desired action.

"Businesses that understand the value of split testing and consistently weave it into their digital strategies are going to be your most successful entities," says Deepak Agarwal. "In brick-and-mortar, the three keywords are, ‘Location, location, location.' To me, in digital marketing the three key phrases are, ‘Split test, split test, split test.'"


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