Is Deebo Samuel worth the same as Davante Adams and Tyreek Hill trades?

Yahoo Sports' Charles Robinson and ESPN's Jeff Darlington talk about how Adams and Hill have shaped the wide receiver market, including what this potentially means for the San Francisco star moving forward.

Video Transcript

CHARLES ROBINSON: The Chiefs thought they were going to get the deal done with Tyreek Hill. They were circling around 21 million, 22, Davante Adams happens, resets the table. All of a sudden, it's like, whoa. Wait a minute. This is clearly-- this is--

JEFF DARLINGTON: It's gotten out of hand. Yeah. Yeah.

CHARLES ROBINSON: Yeah, the math has--

JEFF DARLINGTON: Well, Davante did that. Right? Davante changed the whole thing for Tyreek and for the Chiefs. All the sudden, it just blew the whole thing up.

CHARLES ROBINSON: Even some element, Christian Kirk, because it's one thing to have--

JEFF DARLINGTON: That's a good point.

CHARLES ROBINSON: Yeah, top end guys. And then all of a sudden, you have kind of a mid 30s, 40s guy who I think the Cardinals are like, maybe we'll pay him 13. The Jaguars are like, yeah, let's up the ante.

JEFF DARLINGTON: But do the Chiefs, to your point, now look at this in the wake of Tyreek and think like, OK, maybe the market is now that even though we kind of started it too?

CHARLES ROBINSON: Not in that light.


CHARLES ROBINSON: Well, it's there.

JEFF DARLINGTON: But they've got the ammunition, man. They've got the 29th, and 30th. They've got two picks in each of the first four rounds. To your point, it's not like they-- it's not like they have the money to pay Tyreek. But I could also see them being like, we love Tyreek. We love the speed. But man, Deebo with Patrick? That's a different deal than what Tyreek even had. So I don't know-- look. Miami literally brought Tyreek there to do the things that Deebo does. So and I'm sure Deebo sees that too and says, OK, oh, I'm not the same as Tyreek.

Well, then how come the Dolphins just brought Tyreek for $30 million to do literally what I did in the same offense? So I mean, the Chiefs kind of makes sense to me too. I mean, I get the Jets narrative. I don't know. What other ones are out there right now?

CHARLES ROBINSON: I think especially when you talk about the Chiefs now that Stefon Diggs has come in, Cooper Kupp is going to come in, the market is the market and it's not going to reverse. It's not-- this isn't going to be like the 2008 housing collapse where all of a sudden, all these guys are worthless. It's only going to go up. And so I could see the Chiefs kind of changing in terms of what the-- plus age.

He's a younger guy. I think the fact that the dynamic of what he would look like inside that Chiefs offense, being able to operate a little bit out of the backfield, being able to operate with whether it's sweeps, reverses, all the different ways you want to get him the ball, would be pretty intriguing.