Deebo Samuel embraces the Trey Lance era, and makes his pick for SB LVI | Ekeler’s Edge

Los Angeles Chargers running back Austin Ekeler and Yahoo Sports’ Fantasy and NFL Analyst Liz Loza interview the 49ers do everything wide receiver on radio row on Super Bowl 56. Does Deebo prefer to play receiver or running back? Will Jimmy G be back to quarterback the 49ers? Or is time for Trey Lance to take the reins? Deebo is already a fantasy football legend, but does he get in on the action? And finally, is the 49ers superstar riding with his NFC West rival in the Super Bowl? Or is he jumping on the Bengals bandwagon? Deebo Samuel joins Ekeler's Edge thanks to Old Spice GentleMan's Blend. Crafted to be gentle on skin.

Video Transcript


LIZ LOZA: Welcome to Radio Row at Super Bowl 56, live in Los Angeles. This is a very special edition of "Ekeler's Edge." I am Liz Loza, and I am, of course, joined by fantasy football superstar, Chargers running back Austin Ekeler. And, oh my goodness, I said it was super special, because we have a special guest, 49ers wide back, as he likes to call himself, Deebo Samuel. Thanks for joining us.

DEEBO SAMUEL: Thanks for having me.

AUSTIN EKELER: Yeah, absolutely. I appreciate you coming on, man.

The conversation with you and your name is like, what are you? Are you a running back or receiver? Like, what do you prefer? You prefer to get handed the ball or thrown the ball?

DEEBO SAMUEL: I prefer to get thrown the rock.

AUSTIN EKELER: Thrown? Yeah, yeah.

DEEBO SAMUEL: That's a little easier.

AUSTIN EKELER: That's a good answer. I was going to tell you, because if you said to hand it, I was like, you got to think of the financials, right?

DEEBO SAMUEL: Oh, yeah, of course. No question.

AUSTIN EKELER: Yeah, let me tell you. I was going to say, financial decision, don't come to this side. If you want to succeed in any of them, yeah, you definitely want to get thrown the ball.

LIZ LOZA: You see his earrings? Those are wide receiver earrings.

AUSTIN EKELER: That's what I'm saying, right there. You know? I got to make the claim, you know, receiver. Like, I catch a lot of balls, too. Like, sheesh, come on now.

DEEBO SAMUEL: Right, now.

LIZ LOZA: That's true. That's true. Is there a position that you think you couldn't play?

DEEBO SAMUEL: I ain't playing on the offensive line.


AUSTIN EKELER: Yeah, good call, good call, good call. No, [INAUDIBLE].


AUSTIN EKELER: That's for people that are built different.

LIZ LOZA: The trenches are not for Deebo Samuel.

DEEBO SAMUEL: Nah, I run through the trenches, but I ain't blocking the trenches now.

LIZ LOZA: You know, you have said that Jimmy G has been your guy. How are you feeling about maybe him sticking around San Francisco, sticking around The Bay?

DEEBO SAMUEL: I don't think so, just listening to his last press conference, and listening to Kyle and John. I don't think it's going to be another rodeo with Jimmy.

LIZ LOZA: All right, so then that leaves Trey Lance. Any thoughts on Trey and his development over this last year?

DEEBO SAMUEL: I think Jimmy played a major role in helping Trey become a pro, and showing him the ins and outs of the league, and what it takes to be the guy, because Jimmy was the guy for us for three years. But I think, personally, I feel like Trey could be a superstar in this league. But the thing is that-- that he has to learn is, this is officially, like, first offseason.

And I know Kyle is going to do a good job of putting a plan together in order for him to be the guy that we need him to be, because Wes Welker did that to me. And I think it helped me become the player I am. Because once you have that schedule of what you need to do, how you need to do it, it takes you a long way. And once he get that down, I feel like he'll be able to get the job done. .

LIZ LOZA: Well, you put up a fight for fantasy managers. And this is a fantasy football show, so we should mention it. All season long, you were an absolute superstar, just like my co-host here, Austin Ekeler. Do you play fantasy football?

DEEBO SAMUEL: I do not. I got a million funny stories about fantasy football.

LIZ LOZA: Well, please, hit us.

DEEBO SAMUEL: Well, I really didn't know about it my rookie year. So my second year, I'm getting, like, Deebo, you-- and I'm like, why are these people, like, spazzing on me? Like, you're [INAUDIBLE] this for my fantasy. I'm like, I don't even know, like, what that is, or what are you even talking about. And then this year come, oh, Deebo, you're a--

AUSTIN EKELER: We love you. We love you.

DEEBO SAMUEL: I'm like, all right, appreciate it.

AUSTIN EKELER: Well, let me tell you about fantasy, there's definitely some toxicity, and that tends to be louder than the positivity. But yeah, there's a lot of people that support you. They're not even 49ers fans, but they support you as a person.

That's why I love fantasy so much, because you have so many fans that aren't even fans of the 49ers, but they like you, because you're on their team, right? So, yeah, got to give love back to the fantasy. I love having so many fans across the nation because of fantasy football, right? That's really where the special just community part comes into it.

LIZ LOZA: I think between your pass catching skills and your work out of the backfield this season, I am in the middle of a fantasy fantasy sandwich.

AUSTIN EKELER: Yes, if you have both of us on your team, you're--

DEEBO SAMUEL: Oh, you guaranteed to work.

LIZ LOZA: Guaranteed to win.

AUSTIN EKELER: You're going to do work. You're going to do work. Let me tell you that.



LIZ LOZA: Your 49ers actually beat both the Rams and the Bengals over the regular season. So can I get a Super Bowl preview from someone who played against both these teams?

DEEBO SAMUEL: Me, personally, if you can contain the monsters that the Rams have up front, you got a chance. If you don't, it's going to be a long day, a very long day. But if you can get the ball out quick, I mean, the Bengals got a good chance. But if you-- like I just-- like I just stated, if you can't contain Aaron Donald and the boys, no chance of winning this game.

LIZ LOZA: Let's talk about the Bengals defense. Do you think they have what it takes to contain Cooper Kupp, Matt Stafford, OBJ?

DEEBO SAMUEL: I mean, honestly, just being-- like, just keeping it real, don't nobody have an answer for them.


DEEBO SAMUEL: Nobody has an answer for Cooper Kupp. And then [INAUDIBLE] Odell is becoming Odell again. So now you have another problem. Then you got Cam Akers running the ball the way he's been running the ball off Achilles, which is unreal. And Matthew Stafford is playing really, really good ball right now. So me, personally, I don't think nobody got an answer for them, and it showed all year long. I'll take the Rams.

LIZ LOZA: You think the Rams are going to win?

DEEBO SAMUEL: I got a rock with-- rock with the NFC anyway. So yeah, I'mma rock with the Rams.

AUSTIN EKELER: Yeah, I'm in the same boat, man. It's like, both great teams, they're in the Super Bowl, backs against the wall, this is do or die, but I think the Rams got a little bit more firepower.

LIZ LOZA: All right. I guess it's going to be Ram's house up in SoFi. All right, Deebo, you are here on behalf of Old Spice. Can you talk to us about your partnership?

DEEBO SAMUEL: Yeah. Kind of started at 2019 with me building a relationship with Old Spice at the rookie premiere, where you saw me with my earrings.

LIZ LOZA: You can remember them.

DEEBO SAMUEL: With my earrings. But we have this new long lasting gentleman's blend deodorant.

AUSTIN EKELER: Ooh, he's quick with that.

DEEBO SAMUEL: The lavender and the mint. I mean, you could smell it if you want. You look good, you smell good, you play good. And we also have the body wash. A woman love a guy that smell good. You know that.

AUSTIN EKELER: There you go.

DEEBO SAMUEL: So this is what I be rocking with, and it get me through.

LIZ LOZA: Yeah? It works for you?

DEEBO SAMUEL: Yeah, for sure.


DEEBO SAMUEL: Without a doubt.

LIZ LOZA: Well, thank you so much for joining us here on "Ekeler's Edge." We really appreciate your time.

DEEBO SAMUEL: Thank you.