Deebo Samuel

Fearless Forecast: 1401 TOTAL YDS, 73 REC, 8 TD
Projected Rank: 8

Video Transcript


SCOTT PIANOWSKI: One of the most important things we do in fantasy football is separate real-life value from fantasy value, and this is where I have to kind of be Debbie Downer about Deebo Samuel. Last year's rushing stats, not repeatable. Deebo doesn't want to do it. I don't think the Niners want to do it. They've brought in a new quarterback in Trey Lance who's going to run the ball proactively. So last year's glorious Samuel breakout season probably not going to happen again.

He's still wide receiver eight on my board, but I'm probably not going to draft into him proactively. Not sure who Lance will have more chemistry with. Will it be Deebo? Will it be Aiyuk? Will it be George Kittle? Obviously, there'll be a running component to this offense.

So I'd be very careful to not get tripped up by what Deebo did last year. And I think I'll be underweight on him when my final fantasy portfolio is complete. Be careful with Deebo Samuel in 2022.