Dee Gordon went for the full Ken Griffey Jr. look during the Mariners' Turn Ahead the Clock Night


Plenty of Seattle Mariners fans, as well as baseball fans in general, were excited for the Mariners bringing back their Turn Ahead the Clock look. But they probably weren’t expecting this.

Mariners second baseman Dee Gordon took the field with a sleeveless jersey, a visible gold necklace and, most importantly, his hat turned backwards.

It was a heck of a look.

Dee Gordon’s fashion statement

You don’t have to think too hard about what look Gordon is trying to emulate. Going back 20 years to the Mariners’ Turn Ahead the Clock Night, one fairly notable player also rocked the sleeveless jersey and backwards cap look: Ken Griffey Jr.

We’ve already seen one Griffey tribute from Gordon this season. Gordon also might have picked up his fashion tips from Griffey in the offseason, during which the two players spent at least some time together. And now, we get this:

How the rest of the Mariners dressed for Turn Ahead the Clock Night

Of course, Gordon wasn’t alone in his fashion statements. Teammates Nelson Cruz, Denard Span and Ben Gamel all played with their guns out, while Felix Hernandez took the mound with an untucked jersey.

Hopefully, it won’t be another 20 years until we see this look again.

Dee Gordon fully leaned into the Mariners’ Turn Ahead the Clock Night. (@MLB/Twitter)
Dee Gordon fully leaned into the Mariners’ Turn Ahead the Clock Night. (@MLB/Twitter)

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