Debating the options to replace Jalen Hurts in your fantasy lineup | Ekeler’s Edge

Los Angeles Chargers running back Austin Ekeler and Yahoo Sports’ Fantasy Analyst Matt Harmon play a game of Fantasy This or That trying to help you find the best option to replace the injured Jalen Hurts in your lineup. Our guys debate between the 49ers Brock Purdy, the Packers Aaron Rodgers, the Giants Daniel Jones and the Raiders Derek Carr. Catch fresh episodes of Ekeler’s Edge every Wednesday on Yahoo Sports and your favorite social media platforms. Listen to Ekeler’s Edge on the Yahoo Fantasy Football Forecast wherever you get podcasts.

Video Transcript


MATT HARMON: Let me tell you what. Jalen Hurts has carried people to fantasy football playoffs, right? Myself included. I had a first-round bye last week on my Jalen Hurts team. Like, we're go-- we're going to be good. We're going to be sailing into week 16. We're going to be feeling nice. He's going to miss this week, most likely. He might even miss next week. So the people need some quarterback streamers here.

We got some serious business to get down to.


MATT HARMON: It's fantasy football playoff time. So this was your idea-- to have a little bit of, like, this-or-that debate segment between a couple of guys here. Let's start at quarterback, man. Debate number one, Austin. This or that. Who do we like better this week, Brock Purdy vs. Washington-- BCB has been on fire since he's taken over for Jimmy Garoppolo. An injury there for the 49ers. He had a 71% completion rate the last two weeks, 4-to-0 touchdown interception ratio. Or do we prefer Aaron Rodgers at Miami?

Now, Rodgers, obviously, the much bigger name. He's only had three-plus touchdowns once all year. He hasn't cleared 300 passing yards all year, which seems kind of outrageous. Do we like the big name or BCB going into this week?

AUSTIN EKELER: Ooh. I feel like, with BCB, you have the weapons, right? And then you look at the alternative, and it's-- the weapons aren't necessarily there, right? It's some guys that are trying to figure it out still or guys that have-- are on the back end of their career. Ooh. So I feel like the ceiling is with BCB. And that's what I'm-- I'm going to go with him. Who did you say they're playing?

MATT HARMON: They're playing-- They're playing Washington. Washington has a good defense. They definitely get after you up front.


MATT HARMON: But still, just, the Shanahan system is just-- makes it so easy for quarterbacks. And I mean, to Brock's credit, like, he's just-- he's looked real good. I'll tell you this, Austin. I have a Superflex dynasty league that I talk about on the podcast too much, according to Lord Podcast, our producer John. But I actually started Brock over Rodgers last week. And I ended up winning. So I'm with you that I think Brock is probably the answer here if you're looking for quarterback help off the waiver wire.

Let's do another one here, two guys that are pretty widely available as well if you're looking for Jalen Hurts help. Daniel Jones at Minnesota-- Giants get the win on Sunday night last week. He's the quarterback 11 in fantasy on the year, primarily because he had 538 rushing yards and five touchdowns, all, so that's great stuff.

AUSTIN EKELER: He said he's running that thing.

MATT HARMON: He's running that thing for sure. Minnesota had been a super vulnerable defense. Derek Carr-- he's the other one-- this-or-that debate we got here. They're in Pittsburgh. Definitely going to be a cold game on Christmas Eve. Carr is pretty close quarterback 14 on the year. The Steelers, though-- also a pretty gettable match-up-- have allowed the fifth most explosive pass plays this year. Austin, are we feeling Derek Carr, the passer, or Daniel Jones, the runner?

AUSTIN EKELER: I feel like Waller's back in the lineup. Davante Adams-- wow.

MATT HARMON: Yeah, wow.

AUSTIN EKELER: That guy's insane. I'm leaning towards Derek Carr in this lineup, the passer against the Steelers, who have been struggling this year. But the Vikings, I feel like, in the last couple of weeks, man, have been, you know, [INAUDIBLE]--

MATT HARMON: Questionable.

AUSTIN EKELER: --like, what the heck? You know, a little-- yeah, exactly, a little questionable. Obviously, they had an epic comeback. That was sick. I'm going to go for Derek Carr.

MATT HARMON: All right, you're going Raiders there.


MATT HARMON: This is-- this one's very, very close, 'cause yeah, having Waller just rip right up the-- right? The gut there on that passing touchdown that he had against New England-- like, that was pretty awesome to see. And it's like, oh, right. I forgot. The Raiders offense has pretty much not been healthy at any point all year long.

It is very tou-- I think I might go with Derek Carr, too, because the whole thesis of, like, targeting Minnesota as a defense is that you want to get big, explosive pass plays on these guys 'cause their secondary has been so vulnerable all year. But like, no disrespect. Again, Giants receivers are, like, Richie James and Isaiah Hodgins and these guys. That's been a banged-up position for them all year.

So I kind of feel like Derek Carr is the ceiling play. Daniel Jones-- you know you're just going to get, like, 40 yards and potentially a touchdown, as a rusher, which is nice and safe in fantasy. But if you need that upside, I think Derek Carr could throw for three touchdowns on the Steelers defense.