Debating Mahomes vs. Hurts in live best ball draft

Patrick Daugherty, Denny Carter and Kyle Dvorchak debate if they would rather draft Patrick Mahomes or Jalen Hurts during a live best ball draft, offering analysis on taking the Eagles' QB as a better stacking option.

Video Transcript

PATRICK DAUGHERTY: I'm almost back on the clock here. A pick two, three, 15 overall, do I just lock in the hurts AJ Brown stack? Jonathan Taylor just went. I was going to consider Jonathan Taylor.

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DENNY CARTER: I think that's the move here. Is it too early, Kyle, even an underdog, even in best ball to take a quarterback? Or do I take Jalen Hurts now?

KYLE DVORCHAK: Yeah, this is-- speaking of debates, you can go for Jalen Hurts. I don't think it's a bad pick here. It's like--

DENNY CARTER: Or should I take Mahomes who is available and try to stack him with some other Chiefs?

KYLE DVORCHAK: Also fine. Again--

PATRICK DAUGHERTY: We're they're asking Jalen Hurts.


KYLE DVORCHAK: There aren't [INAUDIBLE] rules. They're both good. The thing is you're not saying, should I take a good player or a bad player, which is a good level-one introduction of like, we still are trying to score fantasy points. And I think the quarterback stuff is really interesting because when you look at the data from last year, which is essentially one slate, we get one run out of how the season plays out, but last year, if you did not have an elite quarterback, you weren't getting big games. The big games came exclusively from the elite quarterbacks who we all know, like the top ones in Mahomes, Allen, and you took Hurts.


There was two good spike weeks. They're talking about 25, 30 burgers plus that came from Jared Goff, a few shockingly came from Geno Smith. And then, Justin Fields was the one final bridge. But after that, we have-- and this has kind of been a trend that has developed in recent years. Again, these are small samples. One year is almost just like one DFS slate. But small sample acknowledgment. We seem to be getting a lot better at predicting who the good quarterbacks for fantasy purposes are. I think there's a few things that go into it.

Rushing, we just have-- it's easy to say, oh, a healthy Lamar rushes for like 900 yards as a floor. That's not fluky touchdown efficiency that a lot of times we saw it pop up with the pocket passers of the 2010s. That is just inherent to his game. And then, I think there's something to the fact that Mahomes is the best quarterback ever. So it's pretty easy to--

PATRICK DAUGHERTY: Denny, you seem like you're sitting on a flat, Denny. What is it?

DENNY CARTER: Yeah, well, I just want to say about the reason I wanted to go, I urge you to go Hurts over Mahomes is because we know that the Philadelphia target tree is so condensed between really Brown, Goedert, and Smith that that to me is a better stacking avenue than getting Mahomes and-- and a non Kelce guy. Oh, I guess Kadarius Toney, or I guess Skai Moore maybe, or Rasheed Rice. Hopefully, they'll have some big games, which that's fair, and it's price adjusted. I get that.


I just, I feel more comfortable trying to go nuclear with guys who are definitely seeing a lot of air yards, a lot of targets. And by the way, I wanted to mention, since we're on the Eagles here, that the Eagles play Arizona in the week 17. So good luck finding a Cardinals player.

PATRICK DAUGHERTY: Running-- yeah, I'm going to be running it back with a-- what's that guy's name, Clayton Tune? Running back with Clayton Tune.

KYLE DVORCHAK: Oh, yeah. He's good. Clayton Tune's good.

PATRICK DAUGHERTY: So Denny, by the way, the reason you wanted me to take Jalen Hurts over Mahomes had nothing to do with stacking. It's you do think Jalen Hurts is a better quarterback than Patrick Mahomes. Right?

DENNY CARTER: I think he's the best of all time. Yes.