Dear Blazers fans: Don't be gross

Peter Socotch

When you're at the Moda Center enjoying a basketball game, the Trail Blazers want you to feel comfortable and strive to provide an inviting atmosphere. 

But, one fan took that level of comfort to the next level during Sunday night's game vs. the OKC Thunder. 

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"In what world is taking your shoes off and just wearing your socks at a sporting event acceptable," Twitter user @TheKaylaKnapp writes.

This fan committed a cardinal sin: Don't take your shoes off in public spaces. Not on airplanes, not in restaurants, not at the Moda Center. NOWHERE. And to the fan on the sock offender's left, please also refrain from getting your dirty shoes on the seat in front of you. 

The Moda Center Twitter account has weighed in.

It's simple, common courtesy. 

Maybe after the public shaming, the anonymous patrons will think better next time.

Don't be these fans. 

Dear Blazers fans: Don't be gross originally appeared on NBC Sports Northwest

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