When will DeAndre Hopkins be traded?

It has been a given for weeks that the Cardinals will be giving receiver DeAndre Hopkins to a new team, via an inevitable trade. So when will it happen, and where will he go?

Former NFL defensive back Pacman Jones, who has an obvious pipeline to Hopkins, said on Wednesday’s edition of The Pat McAfee Show that Pacman’s “sources” say it will be the Chiefs or Bills, either on Wednesday night or “definitely” on Thursday.

Hopkins recently made it clear that he’d be interested in joining either team. More recently, Hopkins heaped praise on Bills quarterback Josh Allen, Bills receiver Stefon Diggs, and the entire organization.

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Beyond trade compensation, the question is whether his contract would be revised. He tweeted earlier this month that he doesn’t want a raise, before deleting it.

And the Bills know what Hopkins can do. He caught the game-winning touchdown pass in an epic finish against Buffalo during the 2020 regular season.

Regardless, it’s feeling more and more like it will be happening. And it would make Hopkins the latest great player from the NFC to defect to the AFC, making the AFC even more fiercely competitive than it is.

When will DeAndre Hopkins be traded? originally appeared on Pro Football Talk