DeAndre Hopkins: Sky's the limit for offense after getting Calvin Ridley

The Titans made a splash in free agency when they signed Calvin Ridley and head coach Brian Callahan said at the league meetings this week that he's looking forward to moving Ridley around the offense in order to make the best use of his talents.

Ridley isn't the only chess piece at Callahan's disposal, however. DeAndre Hopkins is back for another season in Tennessee as well and he joins Ridley in having the ability to play in multiple spots, Hopkins said this week that "it's going to be hard to key on one of us" come the fall and shared his belief that the duo will be able to lift the entire offense to new heights.

"I think my game is not just being on the outside, or on the inside," Hopkins said, via the team's website. "I've tried to take pride in that over the past couple of years, focusing on beating guys on the inside. Earlier in my career I was just kind of really on the outside, and I realized that I could have success everywhere on the field. And I think just utilizing me wherever I am needed, if it is blocking, chipping, doing whatever I need. Wherever I can be useful, that's where I'll be. I think the sky is the limit, especially after getting a guy like Calvin. So I am very excited about this offense."

The 2023 season ended with questions about whether Will Levis is the long-term quarterback for the Titans. Adding Ridley to Hopkins in the receiving corps should be a plus for his chances of providing a positive answer.