DeAndre Hopkins: No one in locker room doubts Treylon Burks

The Titans signed Calvin Ridley and Tyler Boyd as free agents this offseason, so it wasn't much of a stretch to think that their moves were made because they lack confidence in Treylon Burks's ability to complement DeAndre Hopkins in their wide receiver group.

Head coach Brian Callahan denied that is the case earlier this month and Hopkins took a turn talking up Burks on Tuesday. Hopkins broke out his German to say "Nein" when asked if people are sleeping on Burks and then went on Twitter to offer more thoughts on his teammate.

"The media is the only one sleeping on Treylon Burks, No one in the locker room doubted him or slept on him 'we are not people' I can't speak for 'people' so Nein he's never been slept on to us. Thank you come again," Hopkins wrote.

If all the pieces fall into place, the Titans will have a formidable crew of receiving options for quarterback Will Levis in his first full season as a starter. That's similar to what Boyd and Callahan are used to from Cincinnati and the hope will be that the group can help spur the same kind of success in Nashville.