'The deal might slip into next week'

The Devils' Advocate Podcast
The Devils' Advocate Podcast

The Telegraph's James Ducker told this week's The Devils' Advocate podcast when he estimates Sir Jim Ratcliffe's 25% stake in Manchester United will be finalised: "As of the mid to latter point of last week, there was an expectation it would be this week. It is Thanksgiving on Thursday and America will effectively go into shutdown for about four days. Logicially, it would need to be Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday.

"Over the weekend, there were some indications that it might slip into next week. I am absolutely not saying it will be the case but I would not be surprised if it slipped into next week.

"I understand it is very frustrating for Manchester United fans, and I suspect it is frustrating for Sir Jim Ratcliffe as well but the Glazers traditionally do not do anything quickly. They move at a snail's pace. We could be waiting a little bit longer."

On how much control Ratcliffe could actually exert with only a 25% stake in the club: "He could come in with operational football control.

"He might be aligned on a decision with Ten Hag on an issue like Jadon Sancho's future in time the January transfer window. They could line up a deal but then it be vetoed by the Glazers because it is not financialy viable.

"You would hope that those situations would not come to pass and you would hope these agreements have been discussed. The theory might work but it would be interesting to see how it works in reality."

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