Deal between Packers-Jets for Aaron Rodgers 'essentially done'

Packers-Jets deal for Aaron Rodgers 'essentially done' originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

If Packers president Mark Murphy's words on Friday night didn't fully convince you that Aaron Rodgers' career with the Packers is basically over, a new, surfacing report should.

A trade deal between the Packers and New York Jets is "essentially done" and the sides have worked out what needs to be in place to make Rodgers a Jet, according to reports.

The only box left to check is Rodgers' approval of the trade.

Rodgers has been contemplating his future for the entirety of the NFL offseason. He entered a "darkness retreat" to focus on the future. He's kept his thinking close to the vest the whole way.

The Jets, however, paid him an in-person visit in California on Tuesday, wheeling their jet plane (no pun intended) out of the hangar to do so. Murphy confirmed this course of action on Friday, saying the Packers permitted the Jets to speak with Rodgers.

All that's left to do in this matter, allegedly, is for Rodgers to turn his key.

From all implications, Rodgers appears likely to be on the move. The Hall of Fame quarterback went through the same cycle last offseason, but this time he has $60 million of guaranteed money for 2023.

The Jets are arguably an NFL-ready team. As head coach Robert Saleh put it last season, they have a "championship-ready" defense. They also have intriguing, young receivers in Garrett Wilson and Elijah Moore. And, they hired Nathaniel Hackett, Rodgers' former offensive coordinator with the Packers, to become their OC in New York.

The table is set for Rodgers in New York. All he has to do is sit down and eat.

Let it be known, the Packers have made their stance on the situation clear this offseason. They've been willing, if not cryptically encouraging, for Rodgers to take a seat at New York's table.

On Friday, as alluded to at the beginning of this story, Murphy made telling comments about the situation. He didn't hold back from referring to Rodgers' career in the past tense and confirming the organization would honor a trade request from Rodgers if he made one.

"Very few players play for only one team," Murphy said to local WBAY. "Brett had a great career here. Aaron had a great career here. And regardless of what happens, Aaron'll be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. He'll be in our Hall of Fame and we'll bring him back and retire his number."

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Murphy also planted his feet in the organization's confidence in Jordan Love. The Packers drafted Love with the No. 26 overall pick in the 2020 NFL draft. They've developed him for years, placing him under Rodgers' wing.

"Yeah, we have a lot of confidence in him," Murphy said of Love. "We drafted him and developed him. A lot of credit goes to our coaches, and to Jordan. But we do think he's ready."

Love's been on deck for three years and now it looks like he'll get his chance to step up to the plate. What's his ceiling? His potential? It doesn't matter. He's not the quarterback who can back up an "I own you" statement yelled at a Bears crowd.

These are the stories Bears fans have been waiting to read. The finish line is in sight. Rodgers' long, perennially successful, reign of terror over the Bears is coming to an end. And better yet, he's closing in on a team in the AFC, the opposite conference of the Bears.

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