DeMarcus Lawrence calls for Cowboys fans to boycott 'Madden' over his low rating

Dallas Cowboys fans who love the “Madden” video game franchise might feel conflicted about picking up this year’s version of the game. Cowboys defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence is so mad about his “Madden NFL 20” rating that he’s called for fans to boycott the game.

Lawrence, who is an 89 in the game, says he feels disrespected by that rating.

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Lawrence then shared a tweet that compared his stats to J.J. Watt’s numbers. Watt is rated a 97 in “Madden NFL 20.” Lawrence even tagged the “Madden” Twitter account to let them know he was upset.

He’s not the only angry NFL player out there. Plenty of other players have expressed frustration about their rating.

Only one other player mentioned avoiding the game this year, though. That would be Los Angeles Chargers wide receiver Keenan Allen, who said he “will not be playing” this year’s version of the game.

Allen is also ranked 89. He took issue with pretty much every part of that rating.

Generally, the “Madden” ratings have been met by disdain from most players. But there are some who seem just fine with their rating. Jacksonville Jaguars cornerback Jalen Ramsey had nothing but good things to say about being the top cornerback in the game.

It was New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady who had the best reaction, though. He wasn’t mad about his ranking, but he did want to clear up some confusion over his low speed stat.

It was not only a humorous video from Brady, but he was able to address his low speed rating without telling fans to boycott the game.


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